Košický samosprávny kraj controls the high rents of high school in Sečovce

Protest against the abolition of the elite office of the Dobšiná Unified School in Sečovce was attended by about 50 Roma pupils and various teachers on Monday at the Košice Self-governing Region (KSK) Assembly.

In the agenda of the members the cancellation of the school was not and the embassy decided to carry out further investigation to investigate the disputed lease agreements.

At the eclectic workplace in Sečovcia he will also be taught in the coming school year. "We know that the school is renting out space for astronomy rentals, and that is not a cost-efficient use of public funds, so we definitely have to solve this while keeping the learning process for all students, which are the main priorities of the Košice Autonomous Region, "told KSK chairman Rastislav Trnka to reporters.

The school was uneconomical with public funds

A job in the Dargovských hrdinov street in Sečovcia, which belongs to the Union School in Dobšin, became a medieval cause of uneconomical management of public funds, which the school invested in high rent with an annual amount of nearly 900,000 euros.

The school had to receive the rental funds on the basis of a questionable diagnosis in the field of special pedagogy when placing pupils in the highest categories of health disability with the highest standard.

In December 2017, the Ministry of Education decided to remove the eloquent workplace from a network of schools and school facilities. However, the decision was challenged by the school and is not yet enforceable in anticipation of the final verdict. "We have developed several alternatives, but we will not comment on hypothetical questions about what we do because it is a complicated legal and financial problem," Trnka said.

Since the end of last year, the school has undergone financial control of the KSK office. According to Trnka, expert advice is needed to complete it, and the headmaster is not fully cooperative in the control and steps of the KSK as the founder. On Monday, the KSK MPs asked the chief inspector of the region to check the management and management of the funds at the closing of school hires.

The students also came to protest

The deputy director of the combined school in Dobšin Tatiana Hruščáková was briefly present with the deputies. "Everything that happens to us is an objective and unmanageable control, and we hope that it will finally be proven that the director really has no doubt at all," she said.

She told journalists that the pupils came from Sečoviec of her own will and that transport was the sponsor gift from her family members. During the members' meeting students held banners with inscriptions such as "We do not want to change", "Do not take us to school" or "We do not give up our school". According to Trnka, they protested against something that did not happen.

Trnka refused to appoint four heads of secondary schools

For the journalists, the president of the region confirmed that he refused to appoint four candidates for the heads of secondary schools in the region who voted for the school council. These are the Trebišovská Grammar School, School of Applied Arts (ŠÚV), Secondary Technical School (SOŠ) in Košice and Gymnázium on the Školská Street in Spišská Nová Ves.

According to Trnka, the reasons were different, politically excluded. "There will be another round and my options are even more limited," he added.

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Attending the meeting was also a teacher from Košice ŠÚV Tibor Papp, who spoke about violations of various rules at school, bullying, boss and trying to free him from school management. He was supported by a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Oto Žarnay (OĽaNO), a former teacher of the Košice Business Academy (OA) Polárna.

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