Krajmer at the front ended, moves to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Denník N

Róbert Krajmer no longer works as head of the Police Prevention and Communication Department. He is now working and Andrea Dobiášová, who has worked at the Ministry of the Interior, has become the new head of the communications department. This was confirmed on Friday by the communications department of the police presidency.

The long-standing director of the National Anti-Corruption Unit, however, does not stop at the police. He remains a policeman and moves to the Ministry of the Interior – from 1 September he will become director of the Ministry of Transport of the Movable and Immovable Department of the Ministry of the Interior.

"The department is in charge of the administration of the automotive industry for interior and driver training," wrote the Ministry of the Interior Thursday.

The Ministry of the Interior will have a new inspector since 1 September.

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