Kuciak († 27) has changed Slovakia?

The shock that Slovakia has suffered so far. Six months ago they killed the journalist Jana Kuciak († 27) and the archaeologist Martin Kušníř († 27) in their house.

The cruel execution of the young couple has exposed huge public insults and provoked demonstrations under pressure from the government, and Robert Fico, prime minister, ended in the prime minister's post. Protests have caused a disaster on the Slovak political scene, but the results of the competent research are quiet.

Ján and Martin shot an unknown murderer dead on February 21 in their house in Veľká Mač. The police found their bodies only four days after the mother of Kushni had called the police that she could not contact her daughter. "The most likely motive is that it is related to the research activity of a journalist," police spokesman Tibor Gašpar said. Fico then went on, stood in front of the television camera & # 39; s and offered a million euros for information about the matter, which he launched on the table.

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Initially, criminals with an Italian footprint worked the most. Ján Kuciak wrote his last article about suspicious activities of Italian entrepreneurs in eastern Slovakia, which he published only after his death. Subsequently, the investigation body filed an information embargo on the case. Nothing more than the families of the murdered. According to Romana Kvasnic, Kušnířka's lawyer, the public should receive some answers. "I do not register for shifts, but it is necessary to say that I, as a representative of Kušnířová, have the possibility to only look at the research file, I do not see the operative actions that take place there, but some conclusions are already desirable. , " said Kvasnica.

According to lawyer Daniel Lipšic, who represents the Kuciakov family, the communication of special prosecutors with his clients has improved. "Satisfied, if that can be said, they will, if they manage to get not only the perpetrator, but also to bring him to court, and that has been a long time." The confidence in the investigation is now greater then it was in the beginning, " Lipšic added.

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What about murder?

  • A journalist with a fiancée was murdered on 21 February 2018 in his house in Velka Maća.
  • Martina died with a blow to the head and within a few seconds John hit two hearts.
  • The killer weapon was a specially calibrated pistol with a 9 mm caliber.
  • At the crime scene there were two cartridges and non-tensioned cartridges.
  • According to the Prosecution, the murder was ordered.
  • They excluded the motive that the attack would be Martin.
  • The police also conducted an investigation at the crime scene.
  • In the case of Velka Maća, the police searched the forest a few weeks after the incident, apparently with the aim of finding a murder weapon.
  • The killer had waited in the house for more than an hour, hiding in the summer kitchen.
  • Errors in initial actions by the public prosecutor have delayed the investigation.
  • We do not yet know the guilty person or the client.

1. The fall of the government

The brutal murder of the journalist and his guards threw thousands of people into the streets and squares. Protests For decent Slovakia people have joined people all over Slovakia. Demonstrators have requested an independent case study and later the personal responsibility of top civil servants. The anger of the street led to the fall of the government, but only a few posts were exchanged.

2. The hot chair of the Minister of the Interior

After leaving Kaliňák, it was crucial for the establishment of the new government to occupy the position of Minister of the Interior. Tomáš Drucker, who was in office for only three weeks, became the minister. He has not summoned President Gašpar of the police and has instead resigned his office and the right hand of Kaliňák, Denisa Sakova, came. Gaaspar has been acting as her advisor since August.

third End of Trosk

Kuciak discusses in his latest article the operation of the Italian mafia in Eastern Slovakia. He mentions the name of Antonino Vadala, who did business in Slovakia and received grants. In the past he had a relationship with Fico's counselor Mária Trošková and they were together with Gia Management. Troška, ​​after publishing the Kuciak article, eventually left the government office.

4. Wake up the farmer

Kuciak also wrote about the operation of Italian entrepreneurs in agribusiness. He pointed to the allocation of subsidies in Eastern Slovakia. There have also been local small farmers who have pointed to corrupt practices for euro money funds.

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