Lajcha, the poet, has started to fight celibacy

He has no peace! Catholic priest Michal Lajcha (34), who works in the Klak village and Ostrý Grúň (district of Žarnovica), again surprises.

He recently tattooed Psalm 23 in Hebrew and has now published two books called The Celibacy Tragedy – The Dead Wife. He describes and argues that celibacy in the Roman Catholic Church should be voluntary and that they should go sanctifying married men again. A young and modern preacher who loves sports will be ready as archbishop Róbert Bezák after the books and will be suspended. Yet he wants to fight for his opinions until the end of his life.

Lajch's work encompasses not only historical and biblical facts, theological contradictions in contemporary views on sexuality, but also the profiles of church fathers and teachers, which are inherently forbidden. "Celibacy as a prerequisite for the priesthood is the 8-century purifying wound of the Roman Catholic Church, the only solution is to relocate marriages again," says the young priest, and continues: "The Lord Jesus called the married Peter as an apostle, so the church built a married man." The Scripture also states that the bishop is the wife of a man, so the church has in the past lived in the 12th century. She married the married priests. Even biological fathers became priests or bishops, and were also married to Pope. "According to his words, the Catholic Church lost its diversity and no longer held true to the reference of Jesus.

Church revolutionary?

The young priest named his work Tragedy or Celibacy – The Dead Woman. "The morbidity of the Roman Catholic Church is that it says indirectly that the death of a woman is a gateway to the priesthood. That is, if he wanted the priest to be a married man, he would have to be a widower. The death of a woman, a grave, a funeral, my apology for the expression when that woman dies, that is the gate to the priesthood. Then the church begins to re-evaluate whether the widow can be a priest. It is morbid, it is a diabolical anthropology. I am not the only one in this view, "explains Lajch, who published two books, one for the academic and academic audience, the other for the lay audience. It opens not only theological contradictions, but also why the church ceases to sanctify fathers and husbands as priests or why Greek Catholics do not have pedophile scandals.


Celibacy or indifference means sexual restriction, renouncing any form of sexual activity whatsoever. The exception are deacons that can be arranged as married men of adulthood.

In these Christian churches priests can marry:

  • evangelical
  • orthodox
  • Protestant
  • Greek Catholics (for the newspaper)
  • Anglican


On a farm in Klak on Sunday they discovered a memorial plaque to the pastor Rudolf Kluch. "It is fascinating to go to the parish with a life story, where the 51-year-old priest, R. Kluch, a priest with three sons, had a local teacher, lived with them on the farms and preachers, and died in r 1984 when I was born, "said M. Lajch. Rudolf Klucha was the hero who saved more than 300 people during the Second World War.

The priest comes out Open the gallery


Martin Kramara, speaker of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia

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