Leakage of ammonia is reported from the winter stadium

Firefighters and police arrived on the site. It was not a false alarm.

LIPTOVSKÝ MIKULÁŠ. A dangerous ammonia escaped from the winter stadium in Liptovsky Mikulas. Firefighters and police closed part of the main road and access roads to the stadium.

The siren was informed of the ammonia leakage just before ten o'clock by a fluctuating tone of two minutes. In the Liptov Symphonic Winter Stadium, major reconstruction work is under way and they have caused a disruption of the cooling system.

" The gaseous ammonia only escaped from the supply pipe, which spread in the atmosphere, Ján Sokolský communicated from the Liptov Symphonic Town Hall.

Young hockey players evacuated from the training area.

" There were 23 people in the stadium, including 19 students whose firefighters helped with the evacuation to safety. The chemical cooperative of the HaZZ rescue brigade in Žilina and the evacuation bus HaZZ, in which the evacuees will temporarily find their shelter, are on their way to the event, "informed Zuzana Farkasová of the presidency of the Fire and Rescue Corps.

In the third hour of the afternoon news came that the atmosphere around the stadium was in order.

" The current measurements of firefighters at various locations around the winter stadium have shown that the ammonia concentration in the air is safe, has zero values. So there is no danger to the population. There is a specialized company on site to repair damaged pipelines, "said Viktória Čapčíková, spokesman for the city.

The last siren from the stadium frightened the inhabitants of the city last year, but it was a false alarm.

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