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Leave me alone, I did not do anything

Robert Fico, chairman of the Smer-SD coalition, is still looking for a suitable home, and the moment comes when he does. However, it is not possible to build or buy a house from day to day.

This was said on Friday by journalists after the kidnapping of the Bonaparte complex, owned by entrepreneur Ladislav B., accused of tax fraud.

"If you know under what circumstances I rented an apartment in this complex, nobody knew what the development would be: if we were to evaluate it, they would all have to leave the Bonaparte complex, for example the diplomats living there. I paid for it myself, and I pay him further, the apartment was a serious task for me, inviting foreign guests there, "he said.

In a newspaper report that he has been looking for a new house for two years, Fico said that he is the one who decides on his house.

"Leave me, I did not do anything, I rented an apartment, I pay for a commercial sum, I do not know what this topic is about Tell me where I broke the law, what did I steal? When I rented it, there were no obstacles, they went to the state and the apartment met the purpose I needed, "he said.

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