Luby about the reform of education: we want to improve the working environment and conditions

According to Luby, the new school year will bring about a change in the lives of parents and pupils, for which the school building will be opened for the first time.. "In this school year we welcome more than 50,000 first-year students and first-year students," the head of the education department said that both school children and their parents had a lot of fun learning. She also reminded that the future of our country will also depend on the education of children. "There are many challenges in this area and we need to apply new methods to prepare our children for the future that is changing faster than ever." she said.

According to Luby, it is necessary to promote more tolerance among pupils and students in school education, more respect for teachers, more cooperation and understanding between school and parents. "All in all, we must believe in our educational system and try to improve together" she said.

"In June, we adopted the national education and training program as a strategy for the development of our education for the next ten years, with the key words modernization, accessibility and quality, starting with the first steps this year" said Luby. According to her, the long-lasting intolerable outflow of pupils from primary schools to eight-year grammar schools has improved, the performance planning in secondary education improved, the dual educational system also attractive.

"A major change for the better is the increase in salaries across the industry by two to ten percent from January 1 in the next two years, along with previous increases this will mean that the salaries of teachers by the end of 2016 by 32 Percent will rise by the start of 2020, would continue to rise, " she said.

The Minister of Education has said that nothing is more important than education and education for children. All employees in education have thanked in advance for the work and efforts they will make to the children. The students and students were enthusiastic and persistent in discovering the world and new knowledge, and their parents enjoy the progress of their children.

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