Luby agreed with Shajgalik on the following procedure when registering the Slovak Academy of Sciences

BRATISLAVA, Aug. 23 ( – The School of Education has agreed with the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) to continue the registration process of public research institutions.

Joint negotiations

Due to the fact that the amendment of the SAS law was returned by the President and the National Council of Slovakia at the next meeting on 11 September, the parties agreed that the Ministry of Education will act according to the law on 11 September. the SAS and the law on the public research institution. .

The SITA bureau informed the Communications Department and the protocol of the Ministry of Education with the agreement that Martinina Lubyová, Minister of Education, SAFA President Pavel Šajgalík, Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for investment and computerization Richard Raši and President of the commission of the SR for education, science, youth and the sport of Ľubomír Petrák.

"During the meeting it was announced that the items under § 21a of the SAS Act, which had to be delivered before 31 May, had been delivered by 28 June at the latest (with the exception of internal regulations). Retrospective action, ie re-registration, is inadmissible, " explained the ministry.

Meeting of the Board of Directors

Stakeholders also agreed that the SAS will prepare the inputs of the public research institutions and provide them within the joint working group of the Ministry of Education and the SAS with a view to verifying the positive equity of the institutions.

Pellegrini, Luby

The SAS will send copies of State Property Protocols, which must go to public research institutes of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. "In order to reach an agreement today, the extraordinary meeting of the Council of the Slovak Government on science, technology and innovation is considered undisputed," the education department added.

According to Raši, the development was dramatic

Before the extraordinary meeting of the Governmental Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, the chairman Richard Raši presented the press and the joint press release from the Ministry of Education and the SAS. The result of the joint negotiations is a consensus on the course to be followed and is of the opinion that it will solve the current deadlock by 11 September.

"By this deadline we can continue under the current legislation on SAS, so the eventual termination of the President's sentence by the National Council of the Slovak Republic and the amendment of the law would not affect the current situation and, according to current legislation, entire process by this deadline will be completed and the SAV will be converted into a public research institution. " Rashi said that the development of the situation has recently been "dramatic".

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