MEPs did not support the law, which was intended to increase wages for nurses and midwives

BRATISLAVA, September 19 ( – The draft amendment of the law on health care providers submitted by members of the Movement of the ordinary and independent movement did not go through to the second reading.

The aim of the proposal was to adjust salaries to nurses and midwives. This should have a positive effect on the attractiveness and the increase in the number of these inadequate health care professions in Slovakia. "We expect that the amendment of this law will also have a positive effect on the motivation of graduates to stay in Slovakia after their school leaving." the explanatory statement in the proposal.

How much should be done to raise wages

The wages of nurses with the ability to perform professional work activities had to be increased to a factor 1 of 0.81 times the average monthly wage. Nurses with professional qualifications to perform certified work had a 0.85-fold increase in wages to 1.05 times.

A sister who has acquired professional qualifications to perform specialized work in a specialized field and performs specialized work activities would improve from 0.96 times to 1.15 times the average monthly wage. For seniors with a diploma of the first degree it would increase 1-fold to 1.20 times.

Health nurses are scarce

Maternity assistants who are qualified to perform professional work activities have been proposed to increase wages from 0.81 times to 1 time. If they had the professional capacity to carry out certified work, their salary would have to be increased from 0.85 times to 1.05 times.

The average monthly wages of midwives with professional qualifications for the implementation of specialized work activities should increase from 0.96 times to 1.15 times.

The members of the explanatory report also pointed to the current situation of nurses in Slovakia. According to data from the OECD, Slovakia is among the countries with the lowest number of countries per thousand inhabitants. Of the EU Member States, Slovakia is in 19th place in 2016. From 2000 to 2016, the number of nudes per thousand inhabitants, according to the OECD statistics in SR, fell from 7.44 to 5.74 nurses.

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