Michaela discovered a sad link in Bulgaria

More than half a year has passed since the brutal murder of journalist Jana Kuciak († 27) and Martina Kušníř († 27). The killer is still unknown, but the world does not forget it.

Journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancé archaeologist Martin Kušníř on 21 February murdered an unknown perpetrator in their house in Velka Mač. After the incident, the public was shocked and the Slovaks began to gather for protest actions. Shortly after, the government fell. But the killer of two young people is still unknown.

Although the research has not yet been completed, the Slovaks still forget the few innocent young people. However, this tragic subject does not only exist in Slovakia. Reader Michael sent us a vacation photo in Bulgaria, which shows that they are reminiscent of the survivors abroad. An unknown artist painted Jane and Martin on a stone by the sea. Candles were already on the spot.

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