Ministry of Agriculture: Politicians Zemanová and Halgašová mislead the public, they will face the lawsuit

Politicians of the opposition party Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) Anna Zemanová, deputy of the National Council of the SR, and Jarmila Halgašová, the SaS team for agriculture, mislead the public. They will face the lawsuit.

This was explained by TASR spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MPRV) of the Slovak Republic Vladimír Machalík in response to the SaS quarters. Zemanova and Halgašova reported Thursday that SaS has filed a criminal notification with an unknown offender about the data change in the Agricultural Payments Agency (PPA) information system.

The most urgent case of an agro-operational system that has also been attacked by the Supreme Court (NS) of the Slovak Republic is, according to Halgaš, a media scandal of Smer-SD expostant Ľubice Rošková, in the east of Slovakia, called "the brothel "whether it rains or sunlight", not just on concrete surfaces. "In 2017 she received grants in several villages, on small shelves, but in a total area of ​​180 hectares.Own landowners did not even know they were taking money for their beds" said Halgaš.

"In the MPRV and PPA system, these areas are not marked, but removed, and there is serious suspicion The PPA also changes these days in the (information) system to cover the unlawful payment of subsidies and to prevent the persecution of responsible people", says Halgašová, the SaS-mediated decision of the NS SR is, in her view, the most important proof that minister Gabriela Matecna (SNS) withdraws from her position.

According to Machalik, the PPA will take legal action against SaS officials who deceive and defy the work of the PPA personnel. "The LPIS information system does not manage the PPA and can not change it." The list of direct AIDS that claims to exist is not on the PPA page and has been updated regularly since 2016, "said MPRV spokesperson.

Machalik also added that representatives of SaS presented the NS SR judgment at the briefing, in which it is a family dispute about the use of the fatherland with his son for about 1,000 euros, direct area payments from 2013 onwards, in which the prosecution of the father who won the current dispute by both the police and the prosecutor's office was refused, but only observes what the PPA points out. "If there are doubts about the farmer, this must be decided by the court." European legislation stipulates that the aid is paid to the farmer, whose goal is to keep agricultural land for food production, "said Machalik.

"Areas that are not eligible to provide LPIS agricultural support, such as parking garages, family constructions or farmland slopes, are regularly disposed of as required by EU law, but gardening is the sole responsibility of the Research Institute for Soil Science and Conservation, & # 39; said Machalík.

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