Most of the unknowns are Smer, followed by SMK and KDH

According to the annual report, the management had more than 15,000 members by the end of 2017.

Most members of the political parties have long maintained Smer-SD. At the end of 2017, according to the annual report, it recorded 15,182, which is considerably more than other political subjects. Parties to their membership regularly report in annual reports; several of them, except for Smeru-SD, OĽaNO, ĽSNS and KSS, TASR provided the current data.

The extra-parliamentary parties ended in the second and third bar. SMK registers 9200 members, KDH 8947. There are CIS (7662 members), Most-Híd (5517 members), non-parliamentary KSS (1793 members), LSNS (1439 members), we are family (1350 members) and non-members and Progressive Slovakia (about 400 members).

The traditionally low number of strangers is held by SaS. Currently they have 208, in addition, the liberals have 6478 freedom friends. At the end of the year there were 13 members.

They threaten their limits

Some political issues, however, will need to extend their membership. If the coalition amendment to the law on political parties in Parliament is passed, there will be limits on the number of members. According to the proposal, the executive body of a political party should have at least nine members.

Participation of the parties in the elections to the European Parliament and the European Parliament (EP) should in turn be made dependent on a minimum number of members or a minimum number of members of the highest body of a political party.

"With the exception of the legal body of a political party, each organ of the party must have at least three members and an executive body of a political party of at least nine members," according to the draft amendment of the law. The clear and understandable composition of political party organs will enable members to have strict control over their activities. The amendment must also change the records of party members.

At least nine members

The legal norm is to introduce a requirement for the content of the candidate lists for elections to the National Council and the EP. The Charter also contains a list of members of the highest political party organ of at least five times the members of the executive organ of the party.

Since the minimum number of members of the executive organ of the party is nine, at least 45 members of the highest party body must be able to prove it.

Instead of a list of members of the highest political party body, a list of members of a political party equal to at least twice the number of candidates on the candidate list could be included in the list.

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