NAKA resolves the defense with a company near Vyboh

Safe army shops for 1.37 million euros have long ago mapped the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak. The air traffic controllers also received serious information about them and brought them to the researchers.

The article was prepared by Zuzana Petková, the head of the company Stop the corruption.

Army contracts for the purchase of arms or military equipment do not have to be published by the state. Hidden contracts, which the public does not need to know and therefore control their economy, are also used in transactions where this is perhaps not a clear reason.

Such a treaty is solved by the police, namely the anti-corruption unit of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA). The Supreme Audit Office turned to her. The case concerns the delivery of more than EUR million to the willing Ministry of Defense.

The complaint to NAKA was filed by the Office for alleged "unlawful circumvention of the law on public procurement by Ministry officials with possible criminal liability."

Willing was founded by a well-known armor, friend of emigrant Robert Fico, entrepreneur Miroslav Vyboh. More recently, he announced that Willing shares are no longer in possession, but the media have further speculated about their impact and the use of contacts for the armament business.

The willingness was best known for the fact that the army provided a service for hunters, since it was the sole representative of the Russian manufacturer RSK Mig in Slovakia.

At the Ministry of Defense, however, he also had another company, in which he described him in 2016 in collaboration with the Nadace Stops of Corruption Foundation, described the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak for and also TREND. Among other things, they received documents about the contract, which the Supreme Court now sent to the police.

Three times more?

The contract was the "record of operators" system, which was signed by Willingon at the beginning of Fic's second term. The system monitors the air traffic control information and ensures archiving for a certain period of time, for example to investigate a possible aircraft accident.

As far as the defense is concerned, a record was used that had some reserves by 2012, so a new tender was launched for a new one. In the same way, this was addressed by the Flight Operations Service, which provided civil flights and had a similar problem.

At that time, the systems were manufactured by two companies, Ales and R-Sys. The ministry, however, signed a contract with Willing, which was not known to have developed that technology. And although they are systems used in civil aviation, they were classified as military material that they concealed for Willing.

Murder of John Kuciak

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Journalists, however, noticed that people from R-Sys were listed as contractors as contractors. One of them confirmed that Willing addressed them as subcontractors. Why the ministry did not buy a system directly from R-Sys and if it did not save the broker, the journalists did not react.

The Willingam contract had to be set at EUR 1.37 million, based on the complaint the SAO had sent to the police. According to the attached table, R-Sys was able to supply these technologies at the time by 599 thousand euros and Ales even less.

The police are silent

The Supreme Audit Office received an impulse from the outside environment of the secret military army in May 2018. However, the information it contains has been assessed as serious by the SAA and has proven that it has not even started yet, because "the control of the Office could only be confirmed."

That is why he immediately informed them of the researchers. Significant time spans can have a negative impact on the research, says the SAO letter to the police. The tender had taken place years ago and although the journalists were alerted in 2016, nothing happened.

Whether or not something is going on when the inspection body comes in is not clear. The Police Stop the Corruption Foundation has not yet answered the question of whether the prosecution has started. There was also a legal analysis by the Office that the prosecutor's office did not have to use the negotiation procedure without disclosure, nor was it a reason to hide the contract, and if it did otherwise, it could save millions of euros. .

There was also a silence between Willingham and the Department of Defense, and the company itself when it was written by J. Kuciak. It was more than just a flight registration system and a hunting service.

According to the minutes of the General Assembly in the document collection, he owned the company Vyboh and his son Matus at least until 2011. According to the statement, which was imposed one year later, the sole owner became Quadril.

The head of the board was Miroslav Červenka. In 1999 the media wrote about how Willing won the Krupina Hontian Machine Engineer, the manufacturer of the Bozena Removal Machines. The insolvency office was the lawyer Miroslav Červenka.

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