NAKA resolves the Kotlebovci film about the Slovak state

The National Criminal Investigation Office has started criminal proceedings for the film "Rejected Testimonies".

Political party Kotleba – People's Party Our Slovakia supported the documentary "Rejected testimonies". The film shows a glance at the Slovak state through the eyes of the far right. For amateur video & # 39; Declared testimonials & # 39; the National Criminal Court (NAKA) has now started criminal proceedings.

The SITA website was informed by the website of SITA, referring to the spokesman for the police presidency of Michal Slivka. "Given the stage and course of the criminal procedure, we can not provide any further information at the moment," he said.

The document was also reported by the media in early August, when the city stopped its permission for his performance at the Poprad Cinema Tatran. The reason was that the content of the film is "strongly political and unbalanced".

They also canceled the premiere of the document in the Double HPR Prešov restaurant. According to the owners of the property, the Kotlebovci gave no details about the membership of a political party when applying for rent and that it is a film about the Slovak state and a presentation by the Slovak National Socialist Party. When they heard what they were, they canceled the action.

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