Nishit did not kill in court: VIDEO The reaction of Rázna & # 39; s wife after the verdict

The bloody storm that took place on 7 October 2017 in the center of the capital shocked the public. Since the beginning many have seen the Slovak Indian Nishita as a clear culprit, who has committed a conscientious murder of Bračan Braňa. However, the court judged the case differently.

Nishit heard a verdict on Monday. Senator Michal Kačáni, chairman of the Senate, stated that the behavior of the suspect meets the conditions and attributes of the necessary defense. The decision was clarified in almost 50 minutes of speech. He also pointed to the judgments of the courts of the past and pointed to the most important points in the case.

When the public prosecutor Michal Šúrek appealed against the sentence, which insists that the murder was a murder, he is not yet legal. However, the court issued an order to release the defendant.

The words of the woman

Nishit had no legal problems for the incident. He worked for a well-known IT company and raised two children with his wife. He and his half, however, say that their lives have repeatedly raped racist attacks in the past.

Nishit left after a hearing of Monday without a fall. In the beginning he was still in the accompaniment of cockroaches.

Nishit has not killed:

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That is what Nishit saw as an incident in which he killed the life of Braña. He already stated in his defense that he did not want to injure anyone and to defend himself. After the hearing, her wife claimed that she knew from the start how the event had happened.

The judgment sees satisfaction. She also pointed to a camera record that played an important role in the event. "If you showed the album all over the world, the first thing the others are," she said. It was only the camera record that the president of the Senate also described as significant evidence.

Cup of patience

The fury of hatred that Nishita and his family grew up after a bloody step, according to his wife, is unlikely to end. But he hopes for better times. "I believe that there are people who can think rationally and are not motivated by any revenge, aggression, and if there is any difficulty, we will take the steps we have according to the law," she said.

I did not find it annoying, even when Nishit was behind bars. "There have been certain attacks, of certain people we have registered it, and if my cup of patience flows, we will deal with it," she said forcefully and confirmed that her husband would stay in Slovakia because she was worth the truth. In the coming days, however, they will enjoy the missed Nishita, according to their wife, especially their children.

They have appealed

Claims were recorded against the compensation. After the hearing, they left the courthouse and refused to comment. The opinion was given only by Branislav's brother. "There is nothing else at the moment, only in my opinion to say that the court has gone out," he said.

Nishit has not killed:

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Necessary defense

The President of the Senate pointed out at the beginning of the hearing that the decision was demanding. No one can feel in his words the feelings of the wounded who have lost a neighbor. "However, the court can not decide on the basis of emotion," he said.

In almost an hour he pointed to a number of court rulings in similar processes from the past, as evidence in the case. He also dealt with the concept of defensive defense. They also heard the arguments for the final speech.

Branislav died of an accidental bleeding


"From a legal point of view it is completely insignificant and insignificant if the defendant who defended the attack had one, two, three or more knives or possibly other cold weapons" the judge said, with the fact that this circumstance does not indicate the intention to harm someone's health or death.

In his words it would be different for every holder of a weapon or someone to use it in his defense to look at the person who intended to commit a criminal offense.

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Moreover, according to the judge, the video showed that Nishit was in the corner. "On the basis of the recorded camera registration it is clear that the attack went on even after the suspect first tried to remove or fend off, even in relation to the poor, when at one point the wounded fell to the ground, but then stood up. and continued the attack on the accused, " said the judge.

Nishit had a knife to carry

Source: police of the Slovak Republic

While Nishita's defense capabilities were limited to the limit, he reached for the gun. Initially, however, he was angry according to the judge. "What is the proof of initial injuries, cuts, no stabbing injuries, and then he suffered two injuries in the neck," in court.

A taxi dispute?

The bloody incident that took place on October 7 at Hviezdoslav Square was to create a banal tax dispute. This information originally circulated in the media, but the judge again excluded them.

However, he said that the testimony also showed that the battle had to precede another argument. So Nishita can be mistaken for another person with whom one of them had a business conflict. That is why they could respond while they reacted and provoked the attack.

Exhausted freedom

Nishit called for release even before a sentence had expired. The court of first instance twice granted permission to replace the link with probation and mediation.

Finally, however, the decision was rejected by the regional court, which confirmed the complaints of Bratislava Regional Public Prosecutor. "The reason for the decision of the Court of Appeal is that it did not agree with the District Court's view that there are extraordinary circumstances that are a condition for replacing the bond in a particularly serious crime, explained Pavol Adamčiak, the spokesman for the court. But Nishit finally left this Monday without hands on her hands.

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