Nowadays, mothers are like they have lost their wisdom …

I am a teacher in a daycare and I am a grandmother.

But a young grandmother and also freely accessible and modern. But after my bride at a recent wedding danced with my grandson was stuck in a scarf for herself, with big headphones on her ears (spitting at the sound), and so worried about him, and until the morning before 3 o'clock with him, I You said that I really do not understand anything.

I try to round my son, brides and mothers and our nursery, children and upbringing, and I am really quiet. But sometimes it is not possible. Just like at the wedding, did not I give it to her and ask the brides that she really does not want me to take my little home home, put it comfortably in bed, and maybe she'll be entertained? She threw me to me that the children's life does not end and that if I think the little one is bad, I can see that she is happily sleeping, that she needs her mother and that mother can still enjoy it. .

I told her I did not agree.

First of all because he is good for him, because what is good for you to hang for hours with your earphones? And it is a long time ago and I would have seen who, who could talk, would that be comfortable and still sleep? The bride accuses me of being annoyed that it has always been here that it is nothing new. And is it true (if there were spiders once, but they had committed unforgivable sins in the children, was the time over?), But you try to ask grandmothers how and when they really wore it, since I even have it as a child to experience . The children did not spend the whole day or the house, only on the way to the mountain and the fields where the mothers were waiting for the robot, but they were there to play on that sail. The children were losing, the bigger they chased. And there was a stroller waiting in the garden at home.

And secondly, I do not agree with the fact that Mommy can enjoy it. At least not like she did after several times my bride or how I see it. Small children increasingly see where they do not. Late in the afternoon, at noisy parties and events, even at music festivals, in dangerous mountains or in swimming pools during lunch on hot days. And they still go around with little babies, even though they do not belong there at all.

If you can not give up, at least give them someone to stay at home.

But it would be ideal if you just surrendered for a while. Children grow up very quickly and you really do not miss anything. Whatever children plan, they can expect to be limited for a while. That he is sacrificing something for him. And not by the fact that the child is a limitation, but by wanting to be with him and spending the most famous time he has in life with him.

Some mothers may not have been with their own children. Enjoy it. Their presence. Their charm. Being alone and their children. They kidnap themselves and their children by doing everything possible – the Internet, debates, groups, new business, together with the mother in law where I am and with every little problem I'm writing, recruiting recruiters instead of listening to their child, she gave the money to a woman from the net who advised her on breastfeeding, although I offered to help her as my mother helped me and her grandmother, it is not true that we do not breastfeeding who even wanted to breastfeed for us).

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Mothers meet each other today almost every day that someone meets, they go somewhere, with friends all day long for coffee, excursions and shopping, or in the whole group, whether it is morning, lunch, afternoon, the regime almost has No children. Maybe it is not bad at all if there are other children, but what supports their development, their habits? That you moan with other mothers and children, have fun? They do not teach you anything about you, they learn from each other.

Mothers are expected to become "self-tormented" on their nerves and about 2 years ago begin to see where the nursery could relax. That is how they do it when they find their place in the nursery, even if they are not yet working.

Teachers constantly look at what they do and how to deal with their children, they are strict and protect the rights of their children, but our recommendations, on the other hand, refuse to listen. But the baby is still small, and because she wants to be with her mother, she cries naturally (every less than 3 years of the first day of crying). And Mama stressed them, instead of going into conscience and being at home with them.

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The children who come see immediately what my mother was doing. It is a big paradox that you solve today, let it all be perfect, let it breathe bio, let it be recommended by experts, studies, or all tables downloaded from the internet, let them all montessori (which has always been here, simply not mentioned), but until you know it all until you know it, and in the discussions you have a more cruel opinion, the day ends and the baby is already asleep. You can not apply anything to it. And the only thing that your child needs for your healthy and happy development is your presence, interest and example (that is, montessori).

It is not as if you hang and hang all day, are completely motionless, or put in your pram and go with him all day. The child needs you to communicate with him so that you can notice him to learn him. Once the children were smarter and quieter, they had no place to eat. And as mothers we had more robots, at home or at the farm, but less toys and fun for us and the children, so we still had the baby behind the ass. Because nothing happened to him, we had to have it in our eyes, and so we have to explain it to everything we have done, be involved, talk about, all the time, just to keep his interest.

They do not do this today, or at least most of them do not. Instead of classic reading, we have electronic books here, where the mother tongue replaces a pen that the child takes on the photos.

The more mothers they have today, the more they think. And common sense is completely lost. How else can they explain that they do not know how to let a baby sleep without having had a nightly consultation with a sleep coach via Skype? Children come to us and know many English words or fairy-tale characters that their parents leave on their tablet at lunch or dinner in restaurants, but they can not eat, greet, ask or thank.

They have no limits because they believe "to be respected". If we want a child to rent a toy to a second child, it will happen to mommy to complain that it is good to have children get children, to have it solved by themselves. That really?

I decided to be an incomprehensible confessor who does not understand her bride, to share my opinion on the page of mothers, so that I can change an image and see that we read the latest articles (we have more time) and that we know what the time is. But children are a lot less than you think. Dear mothers, less is sometimes really more …

Kind regards, your reader, mother, grandmother and son (tell me) Man …

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