On Saturday the beauties of Anna Kolesárová are performed

The reference of Anna Kolesárová's martyr is that, in order to preserve virginity, she chose to die instead of being subjected to the violent person. "We really have a beautiful model in a young girl who was a bit of a hiding place for politics before 1989, because it was a murder when we took it, because of the purity and defense of his dignity it was shot down by a Soviet soldier , " said the archbishop of Košice, Metropolitan Bernard Bober. He added that since 2004 materials have been filmed, a study has been prepared and her martyrdom has been confirmed.

Volunteers and police

The begging program begins on Friday evening dinner in the house of St. Elizabeth. On this occasion, the railway will send an extra train from Bratislava. Those arriving by car are advised by the organizers to park in the parking garages where they are transported with a free shuttle service. Admission to the stadium is free. About 630 volunteers and more than 100 police officers will ensure the order and dignity of the party. Organizers point out that the timely arrival at the Lokomotívy stadium will be open at 6.00 am.

The program is rich

For everyone who loves this event, the three-day program, the so-called "Weekend of Bliss." INPUT is FREE during all days from 31.8 till 2.9.2018

FRIDAY 31 August 2018

With Anko on his knees – Evening watch in the Dome of St. Elisabeth in Košice

17:15 Prayer of the holy rosary
18:00 Holy Mass, celebrates Mons. Marek Forgac, bishop bishop of Košice
19:30 Duchovno – poetic band, musical accompaniment – Poetica Musica
21:15 Eucharistic blessing

SATURDAY 1 September 2018

Festival of salvation in the TJ Lokomotíva stadium in Košice

6:00 Opening of the stadium gates
7:00 Morning prayer with the community of Maran Tha
8:00 Anna and Life with God, musical accompaniment – Dominika Gurbaľová
9:00 Prayer of a happy rosary
10:00 Eucharistic celebration with a beatification of the beatification
celebrated by J. Em. Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, prefect of the congregation for saints, the legate of Pope Franz
12:30 Concert of Joy
Hanka Servicka, Sima Martausová and others
Tear of Joy: Choreography by Anke, directed by Peter Weinciller
15:00 The crown prayer in the hour of God's grace

UNTIL 2 September 2018

10:30 A glorious Eucharistic celebration in the dome of St. Elizabeth in Košice, in connection with the preservation of the relics of Blessed Anna Kolesárová, celebrates Bergen. Bernard Bober, Archbishop of Kosovo – Metropolitan.
At the end of the Holy Mass, a preparatory year will be declared for the 400th anniversary of the death of the martyr of the holy martyrs of Košice.

A glorious feast in Vysoké nad Uhom with the episode of the reliquary of the Blessed Anna Kolesárová will celebrate Mons. Bernard Bober, archbishop of Kosice – metropolitan on Sunday 30 September 2018 from 10:00 in the church of the Seventh-day Virgin Mary.

Organizational instructions

Shuttle service

– in the direction of Rožňava a parking lot is prepared for OC Optima, from where the tram

– in the direction of Prešov a parking lot is prepared for HM, Tesco and OBI, from where a bus shuttle service

– The tram shuttle also runs from the train and bus station

– From 6.00 am he will run all day straight to the stadium of TJ Lokomotíva

– after the party, traffic is until 17:00 in the opposite direction

Extra train

ZSSK launches an extraordinary train on Saturday for the ceremony of beatification. From Bratislava to Košíc they continue straight after midnight. At the same speed, passengers will go the opposite way on Saturday. The return ticket is 33 euros from Bratislava and Trnava, 26 euros from Trenčín, 20 euros from Žilina and Vrútok, 15 euros from Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš and 10 euros from Poprad. Children up to 7 years of age travel for free.

Enter the stadium on Saturday

– the surroundings of the stadium are closed from 5:15 am until the end of the party for motorists, traffic is controlled by the police

– The entrance to Kavečianska cesta is only allowed to the priest, invited guest and immobile citizen based on the ZŤP card

– in Čermolská cesta can all come in without exception

– organizers recommend to bring folding chairs, upholstery or chair, rain umbrellas, umbrellas, water, necessary medicines and personal papers

– holy reception (even gluten-free) will be given in each sector (distribution of the lawns in the stadium)

– After the celebration it is possible to honor the relics of the blessed Anna in the designated place

– there is a strict ban on taking dangerous items (including umbrellas)

– You can not enter the stadium with your pets

– Smoking, alcohol and narcotics are prohibited

– Flags, banners or activities related to petitions or elections are also not allowed

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