Other pigs were killed in the botanical garden

Reader: The diaries in the fence are so large that the customer passes them.

25. August 2018 at 0:00 Daniela Marcinova

Kosice. On Thursday evening three more wild boys were shot in the botanical garden.

The day before, the hunters also killed three wild swans, so they had already destroyed six of them.

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Róbert Gregorek, head of the Decorative Flora Department at the Botanical Garden of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University (UPJŠ), told us.

The devils were shot in the immediate vicinity of the central area of ​​the botanical garden.

According to Gregorek's words, there are clear potential offenders in the area, which he regards as considerable progress.

"Big thanks to Wednesday and Thursday for our hunters – there is a chance that even if all issues have not been removed, the others will download and the problem will be solved for a while, but it remains a long-term task to monitor the situation and, if possible, find a solution for the longer term, "he says.

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The fence does not stop them

On Thursday after the publication of the first article about raids in the wild in our newspaper, Corsair responded to this event.

According to him, the problem is mainly the lack of fences on the northwest edge of the botanical garden.

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"The blocks are missing, the diaries are so big that even a cargo ship has gone through," he said.

We also asked Gregorek about the screens, who admitted that this comment is not impenetrable.

He confirmed that the damage to the original robust fence at the places mentioned is really serious.

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