PC Revue | Do you want to look at the state level under the cyber-arsenal? Come to HackerFest

The unveiling of the entire attacking hacking ecosystem by the NSA by The Shadow Brokers was an unprecedented event for anyone who is actively interested in IT security issues around the world. "It has given us a unique insight under the cyber-arsenal at state level, " says Lukáš Antal, AEC security consultant.

Attendees HackerFestu they will have inside program September 21, 2018 in Bratislava the ability to learn about the attacking tools of the hacker of the NSA, which they could hear and read, but never really saw. "I have reviewed and released individual tools for the published files," explains Lukáš Antal and emphasizes "I will show demo's that have not yet been screened in Slovakia at a public event."

People and their education are a crucial element of IT security
Permanent education and training of employees are regarded by security experts as the key to building IT security for organizations. The more people, not IT professionals, are made known in hacking practices, the fewer the incidents will be. Mediated cyber attacks on state or large companies are only the tip of the glacier. There is also no enormous amount of attacks on the public.

"We also use social engineering methods for penetration testing, the weakest article of a well-secured IT system has always been human and will be," says Lukáš Antal, explaining: "This way of hacking is much more effective, but most respond within the test groups and do what they do not, which is significantly reduced after staff training."

Practical demonstrations, no slides with theory
All experts who will appear in the HackerFest program Ischanoe, Valašek, Ševeček, Kümmel, Marek and Antal Congratulations that live concise demonstrations of hacker practices are clearer to the public. "I use my own tools. The procedures I show on HackerFeste are not publicly available, " says Jan Marek, head of Client & Datacenter Management at KPCS.

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More detailed information about the conference program HackerFest Slovakia 2018, organized by the company Gopas, see the page hackerfest.sk.

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