Pellegrini showed his advice wisely. He has five members of the economy

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) presented himself on the social network of his five advisers, whom he described as "the Council of Wise Men." This is the foreign policy advisor Peter Kmec, economist at the Slovak Academy of Sciences Vladimír Baláž, marketing expert Peter Littmann, entrepreneur Stefan Rosina and analyst Alena Sabelová.

Marketing expert at the Pellegrini team became CEO of Brandinsider International Consulting Corporation, Peter Littmann, who has lived abroad for over 50 years. As he said, he wants to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Slovak companies.

The team will also be led by President Matador, who holds Stefan Rosin, who will be recognized by the Prime Minister for a long time. His ambition is to talk about the state of affairs in the industry and the development of the Slovak economy.

The analyst, Alena Sabelová, will also work in the "Wise Council", which mainly deals with health and education. "Topics such as an aging population or the beginning of digitization, robotisation, will greatly affect the lives of our countries," said A. Sabelová in the released video. It may seem that these are topics that do not require acute solutions. "But we all know that unless we deal with them, the consequences of unity will be great," she added.

Vladimir Balaj of SAV was the economic expert. "We can not really shape ourselves in the future as a country that lives from cheap labor and low taxes, and we will have to rely heavily on high-skilled jobs, on innovation and on research, because of the wealth of developed countries," Balaj said in the video.

Fifth member of the team becomes a career diplomat Peter Kmec, a foreign politician. Previously he was an ambassador in the US and Sweden.

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