People without work in Slovakia recovered the unemployment rate for the second consecutive month

BRATISLAVA, 20 August ( – The registered unemployment rate in Slovakia at the end of July this year increased by 0.04 percentage points to 5.47% in June.

The unemployment rate rose for the second consecutive month when it increased by 0.06 percentage points in June to 5.43%. Year-on-year, the unemployment rate fell by 1.23 percentage points last month. Minister of Employment, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic Marián Valentovič reported this on Monday.

At the end of last month, employers registered 150,228 job seekers. This is an increase of 541 people compared to June of this year. Year after year, the number of jobseekers that could work dropped immediately by 32,486.

Unemployment rate calculated on the basis of the total number of jobseekers, including persons "Péenke" or a graduate practice, achieved 6.60% last month.

This increased by 0.02 percentage points every month, by 1.31 percentage point on an annual basis. The total number of registered jobseekers at the end of July was 181 322 persons. Monthly this was a decrease of 152 people, compared with July this year it is 34 173 people.

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