PHOTO: Another traffic accident under Strecno

On Wednesday, September 5, around 9 am, a traffic accident of the first class took place in the quay village of Strečno, district Žilina. Information for Turč was provided by the regional police spokesman Radko Moravčík.

"Based on the research so far, it turned out that a 24-year-old driver from Žilina drove a Citroën Berlingo car in the direction of Žilina to Martin, then crossed the vehicle in the opposite direction from the previously unknown causes, where he crashed against the next Škoda Octavia passenger car that led 25-year-old Martin from " explained the circumstances of the accident to a regional spokesperson. As he said, both drivers were transported for treatment and suffered temporary minor injuries. There was no alcohol in the breath test performed by drivers. The material damage was provisionally recorded at € 7100. Other circumstances and causes of a traffic accident are subject to continuous clarification.

"The trip was completely closed due to the documentation of a traffic accident and the removal of its consequences The traffic police have led and diverted traffic on alternative routes Even after the consequences of a traffic accident have been removed, the police have road traffic in the relevant area. section monitored and guided and guided where necessary " Moravčík concluded.

PHOTO: Another traffic accident under Strecno

PHOTO: Another traffic accident under Strecno

SOURCE: Turč, photo: KR PZ Žilina


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