Police and cyclists – is it not different? – discussion (page: 1)

the police in Slovakia is based on the communist prince, the thinking policeman is a policeman and there is therefore no suggestion to improve the situs, and where the politicians rise from above we know and so I was born as this video. I saw the police in Poprad fined and the dad on prism, more than 3 meters on the sidewalk on the JUH and they avoided them on a 4-way trip, where I and myself are allergic people to the sloppy motorcyclists who do not bring danger, but the starting point. Penalty 30th and 50th for not wanting to risk your life is completely absurd. If he wants to protect the pedestrians for the drunks, the corners between the pedestrians and the risky ones, which the non-policeman does not reach, it is a giant hippo. If a cyclist rides twice as fast as the pedestrian and the bell, nobody is afraid, believe me.

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