Police are looking for Ivan and Luke on PHOTO: They have to start serving the prison sentence

As informed by spokeswoman Martina Kredatus of Trnava, the man is a slim figure, 181 cm long. He has blue eyes, brown, gray hair. Over time he could change his face and move through the country in the errant way of life.

Ivan Kelečeni

Source: KR PZ in Trnava

Police investigation into the 32-year-old Lukas Matejkovic from Topoľčian. About the man, the regional court in Bratislava issued an order for the execution of a prison sentence. As told by the Nazi spokeswoman Božena Bruchterova, Lukáš Matejkovič is a middle figure and the description of his clothing is not known.

Lukáš Matejkovič

Source: SITA / KR PZ Nitra

All information can be passed on to police number 158.

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