Police carried out a beam, found 1223 tablets of ecstasy and large quantities of hemp

The suspect man from Bratislava is threatened to be held prisoner for 15 years.

The police accused the 37-year-old Petr H. of Bratislava of a particularly serious crime of illicit manufacture of drugs, poisons or precursors, their property and trade. He is threatened with imprisonment for ten to fifteen years. TASR informed Michal Szeiff, spokesperson for the regional police administration in Bratislava.

On Friday (17 August) the police arrested a man who was reasonably suspected of drug law offenses in a personal motor vehicle on the Nevädzova Street in Bratislava on the basis of an order from a public prosecutor.

"After his detention was carried out in accordance with the law of the internal inspection of the vehicle, it provided a total of 1223 green tablets of the drug – ecstasy that the man had in a plastic bag by hand. considered 1223 ordinary one-time doses of the drug, "Szeiff said.

The plants were grown at home

The police officers then made a number of home visits on Friday in the territory of the Bratislava region, including a tour of one of the resorts in Blatná. During this tour, it was proved that the accused man, from the moment he had not been identified until Friday, had allowed various cannabis plants to grow in one of the buildings in the area.

"During the visit also the dried parts of the hemp plant were delivered, among other things important for the persecution.The number of parts of the plants to be stored corresponds to at least 47 typical single doses of the medicine.The inspection also provided a paper box with dried parts of cannabis plants corresponding to at least 50 regular single doses of the drug, "said the spokeswoman. Policemen also insured a larger number of fresh plants during the investigation, which will then be subjected to an expert survey at the Criminalist and Expert Institute of the Police Corps.

Drug criminals must have been convicted despite the fact that the judgment of the court of Bratislava in 2010 was found guilty of committing, inter alia, the crime of illicit manufacture of drugs, poisons or precursors, their possession and trade in the illegal manufacture of drugs. narcotics and psychotropic substances. In this connection, the police investigator was prosecuted for a bribe-prosecution. Accused of the decision of a judge to take him into custody is currently awaiting police custody.

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