Police investigate the case of dog abuse in Eastern Slovakia

In the context of the mediated case in the village of Sokoľany in the district of Košice, the police began criminal prosecution for the crime of animal cruelty. Concerning TASR, a spokesperson for the police headquarters (KR PZ) in Košice, Jana Mésarová said at the beginning of the week, a police watchdog from the District Police Department of CAZ, had been informed of the announcement.

The case is already being dealt with by the investigator of the Criminal Police Department of the headquarters of the district police in Kosice.

"A female shepherd was found under a bridge in the village and wounded her death as a result of dehydration.According to the previous findings, the unidentified offender so far tortured the animal by kneading the limbs and the muzzle with his wrist, so that the animal did not was able to receive food and drink, which caused the animal to cause serious injuries and deterioration of health in a particularly cruel way, "she said.

The police have documented the event. "The case police are actively working, have found the owner of the dog and heard the case, and are currently conducting the necessary procedural steps and gathering evidence," she added.

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