Policemen in the east seized 12 migrants in the car

The police caught Tomas, who destroyed the car of twelve illegal migrants. They were led to the village of Horna (Sobrance district). The transfer of four Indians and eight Vietnamese was to get money.

As informed by Prezienda PZ spokesperson Denisa Baloghová, foreigners have illegally traveled to Slovakia outside the Slovak-Ukrainian border crossing and have no identity papers. The suspect of the police station tried to hide in a slender street at a family house in the village of Horna (district of Sobrance). How much money he had to transport Tomah, the police did not.

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The policeman of Sobraniec, however, did not suspect Tomáš D. and imprisoned him along with illegal migrants. The accused of behavior in the case of guilt appears to have been sentenced to 3 to 8 years in court.

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