Právo už v Bratislave zabili ženu († 58)

Police officers were assigned to the 58-year-old Bratislava. "Today at 7.15 pm we received a notification from the Pastierska street via the emergency line 158. After the report and after the first action, the police found on the spot that the injuries had been caused by a man, to which they immediately started Search, " informs spokeswoman Lucia Mihalikova of the regional police in Bratislava.

Within a few minutes after the search, the police arrested a suspect 49-year-old man who, in accordance with the law, limited himself to personal freedom and escorted him to the appropriate police department where all necessary procedural steps were carried out. The 58-year-old Bratislavčanka, despite the efforts and efforts of the rescuers, finally did the injuries.

Police at the crime scene

The case was taken over by the Exile Group of the Criminal Police Department of the regional Police Department in Bratislava. On-site policemen carry out all necessary urgent and irreparable actions and document the crime scene.

"The investigator has already started prosecution in the case of a particularly serious murder of murder, and the other circumstances of this act are currently under intense scrutiny, and as suddenly the procedural situation permits, we will inform the public of the matter." Mihalik added.

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