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Razia in Shali and Topolcany: NAKA has held two men

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Intervention of the National Criminal Court
Photo: Facebook / police of the Slovak Republic

Fewer than twenty police officers from the National Criminal Police Agency (NAKA) and Nazi shields intervened in Shali and Topoľčany on Thursday, October 11th. Two people were detained during the action, indicted by NAKA & # 39; s national anti-corruption unit investigator for bribery.

"The action went smoothly and without complications, none of the uninterested people noticed it," said the presidential police commissioner, Denisa Baloghova.

According to the police, men aged 36 and 37 had to give witnesses that the person would not recognize as recognition. Recognition is a special form of witness statements and the aim is for the identifying person to recognize the specific person whose objection proves to be important. The woman witnessed "not to know" was a woman accused of drug crime, Balogh said.

The accused men had to pay a bribe of EUR 1,000 and promise another EUR 2,000 after the exploration.

The investigator handled the motion to submit a motion to the prosecutor to take the lead of the investigator. Once proved, the sentenced prisoners are sentenced to a prison sentence of one to five years. The police continue to investigate the case.

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