Recognized scientist has returned: now he runs the greatest danger

The enthusiasm was replaced by a shock. Recognized paleontologist Martin Kundrat (48) returned from Sweden to Slovakia two years ago.

He became famous as the Slovakian Indiana Jones, during expeditions around the world he discovered up to 7 completely new dinosaur species. He even planned a major scientific project of Slovakian Chinese dinosaur expeditions. He has to discover the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect all over the world. However, the Support Center for Research and Development (APVV) did not support the ambitious research project at all.

Martin Kundrat (48) asked APVV to support a scientific project of Slovakian Chinese dinosaur expeditions that lasted three years. "This is the first transnational multidisciplinary project where it would be the leader of Slovakia. This has been the case for Slovakia since 2009. Its purpose was to reconstruct pre-historic episodes of the greenhouse effect and its range on Earth 65 to 150 million years ago, "he explains.

Research should be conducted in the Chinese province of Mongolia and its surroundings. For example, he wanted to search for remains of early creatures and plants using the most modern techniques. More than 30 Slovakian and more than 30 Chinese experts were awarded for this project and foreign financial support.

Departure from Slovakia?

However, he was shocked when the APVV repeatedly rejected the project. "They hit me just below the funding line, I did not get any serious foreign opinions, they did not formulate expert shortcomings in the project. The English opponent was at the level of a high school student. He was able to make three mistakes in one word! "

Kundrat found Open the gallery

His lifelong work is threatened by this decision. The non-approved project is linked to an already approved Japanese subsidy and NSF project preparation with the US. "APVV becomes unreliable and incompetent and is exposed to international shame!" Kundra is irritated by the fact that this decision threatens its operation in Slovakia. "State officials should stop talking about bringing successful scientists back here, and if this is seen by talented students, they will immediately pick up the trunks," says the paleontologist.

He even threatens to become unemployed! "The application was assessed by two evaluators, one Slovak and one foreign, and was subsequently evaluated by the Natural Sciences Council, and every applicant who receives a decision not to deposit money has the possibility to appeal according to the law. The appeal for this request was received by APVV, but was not signed by the authorized person and was not submitted within the legal time limit, so the Appeals Committee can not handle it according to the law, "said the Ministry of Education. to confirm the decision not to grant a subsidy and the rejection of the request for review of the decision is final and there is no objection, "wrote APVV director Pavol Balžanka directly to the complaint of Martin Kundrat.

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