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Slovakia has been blessed since Saturday. Anna Kolesarova, who was shot dead on 22 November 1944 by a soldier of the Soviet army. The sixteen-year-old girl died to preserve her innocence.

The decree on his martyrdom was approved in March by Pope Frantisek. The greeting of the first lace in Slovakia came on Saturday in the stadium in Kosmicke Čermeli the crowd. About 30,000 believers came from different parts of Slovakia. New Time asked some of them to find an anchor story that inspired them.

Anna Kolesárová was born on 14 July 1928 in Vysoké nad Uhom (Michalovce district). Her life marked the decision she chose – death instead of the loss of virginity. Her grave is still the target of pilgrims from all over Slovakia. Its beatification is the result of the ecclesiastical process that took place in Košice from 2004 to 2011. In the course of which the witnesses of 38 witnesses were sworn in.

The ceremony was celebrated by the legacy of Pope Franz Cardinal Angelo Becciu, the new prefect of the congregation for sacred matters. "I feel that I should take my blessed Annu as my guardian, the party was great, I was touched by a large crowd of people who were moved by faith, and I liked the story of the story discovered by a group of young people. My message to them is to find God first and then everything comes, also the life of purity, "said the cardinal, even our only cardinal Jozef Tomko (94) missed the repertoire. Approximately 30,000 attendees were more than 600 priests, about 30 bishops, about 650 religious and 630 volunteers. The remains of the body of Anna Kolesárová are kept in two reliquaries. That party will be in St. Andrew's Cathedral. Elisabeth in Košice and the most important in the church of the Seventh-day Virgin Mary in Vysoké nad Uhom

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Software developer Lukáš Bičuš (32), Stará Ľubovňa

– Anka is an inspiring man in today's pre-exhausted time.

Jana Kolesarova (26), Krompachy

Anka can be a great example for the youth of today and for me too.

Student Monika Janesová (16), Bratislava

– The testimony of Enkles Kolesárová is not only interesting, but also important. I came here to celebrate her heroism.

Hanka Servicka (55), Prešov, singer of spiritual and folk songs

– It's a gift for me. Her purity, her sacrifice, is a gift from above. Thank you very much for being here today, it is exceptional, beautiful and responsible. I believe that Anka will ask all our graces.

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