Roztvo v Liptove: The ammonia escape in the winter stadium

Firefighters arrived on Friday in the winter stadium in Liptovsky Mikulas, where dangerous ammonia escaped from the early morning.

In the stadium at the time of the ammonia leak detection there were 23 people, including 19 students whose firefighters helped with the evacuation to safety. According to our information, five people complain of leakage of ammonia, all aware.

The current measurements of firefighters at various locations in the winter stadium Liptovský Mikuláš show that the concentration of ammonia in the air is safe. Information for TASR was confirmed by Eva Krajciová, director of the district department Liptovsky Mikulas of District Fire Brigade and Rescue Service (HaZZ).

Therefore, there are no acute health threats for the population. "A specialized company is working on the stadium. He is currently repairing the damaged pipeline from which the ammonia has escaped"Said Ján Sokolský of the Leadership Office of Liptovský Mikuláš.

In the winter stadium in Liptovsky Mikulas, where all ammunition escaped on Friday morning, ammonia leaked.

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