Russia regularly comes to court

The Marshal Exchequer regularly visits the Probation and Mediation Officer, as instructed by the court.

Former TV director Markíza Pavol Russia regularly visits the regional court (KS) in Bratislava for a probationary official and as a mediator, as ordered by the court. The last time he was at the KS in Bratislava last Monday (10.9.).

"The probation review of this criminal case takes place in accordance with the decision of the KS in Bratislava on November 21, 2017. With regard to the electronic monitoring of persons, this is the case under Act No. 78/2015 Collection of laws." The court gives no comment on the other facts, namely the rehabilitation of people ", Pavol Adamčiak, spokesperson for the KS in Bratislava, told TASR on Monday.

Businessman Marian Kocner is in a criminal case of counterfeiting. television bills for almost € 70 million. During the public session, the Supreme Court (NS) of the SR decided at the end of June to partially honor the complaint from the prosecutor's office (UŠP) against the decision of the specialized criminal court (STS) for the preparatory procedure. In the case of the second accused, the former director of TV Markíza Pavl R., Senate NS, the objection of the prosecution was rejected by the UPS, he remained free. Mariana K. led her to prison.

Spam accounts

National Criminal Agency (NAKA) held Kocner on Wednesday, June 20, Russia a day later. The National Investigator of NAKA Financial Police has accused them of criminalizing, modifying and illegally producing money and securities in a one-time lawsuit against the prison sentence.

TV Markíza filed a criminal charge with Marian Kočner and with Pavel Rusk for alleged falsification of securities and a riot of justice.

The authenticity of the invoices has been called into question by private television since the beginning of the dispute. It maintains that the notes at issue were never entered in Markíza's accounts or in the accounts of companies which owned the invoices before the fraudulent allegations were made. Television believes that this whole story is fictional, bills were not made in 2000, but later, at a time when Russia. she was no longer his statute.

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