Sakova will also discuss the duration of the president's term of office

The government has not yet approved the new rules regarding the election of the police president.

The Ministry of Interior will also discuss the duration of the term of office of the future police president. They have to choose this under the new rules, but they have not yet approved the government. Talk about them at the beginning of September, the proposal has been withdrawn from the Wednesday session. The reason for the postponement is precisely the question of the duration of the term of office. The ministry proposes seven years to shorten it, the head of the Denisa Sakova (Smer-SD) after the talks with the government had clearly not done so.

"The length of the term of the new police president is problematic," confirmed Sakova, who agreed to withdraw the amendment to the Police Chiefs Act because there are unclear questions. The proposed seven-year period is the most resolute question. Let me discuss it. He remembers that this length was also suggested by Tomáš Drucker, who served as Minister only for about a month.

Sakova rejects the claim that the ministry would not have made concessions according to the law. She had dropped her words by the fact that the police president could only be the one who had served with the police for at least fifteen years. "We have shortened to 10 years," Sak said.

Changes for police inspection

The proposed rules for the election of the president of the Police College include the fact that the police president will continue to be appointed Minister for the Interior. However, this can only be done on the basis of a selection procedure and only on the recommendation of the parliamentary security committee. In order to appoint a police chairman, the selection committee, the Defense and Security Committee and the Minister of the Interior must therefore agree. The changes must also be influenced by the police inspection, which must be determined by the inspection service.

According to the proposal, only a policeman who has been in office for at least ten years is appointed as police president. He would be in office for seven years. The same person could only be appointed once. The minister has the authority to appeal to the president for serious reasons, but must be approved by at least three-fifths of all members of the national security committee.

Changes also await a police inspection. The proposed amendment aims to establish a separate unit of the police services office of the inspection service. It must detect and investigate the crimes of members of the armed security forces, and also check the legality of the police process. The Office is led by the Inspector-Chief, who has to go through a similar selection as the police president.

Information from banks

The Director of the Office of the Inspection Service must appoint the government of the Slovak Republic on the recommendation of the Minister of the Interior. The Chief Inspector will also select during the selection process, his appointment will also depend on the recommendation of the National Security Committee. Even in this case, the procedure will be carried out by a jury with seven members, as in the case of a police president. The word will also have a commission.

The amendment also authorizes banks to request information from banks for the detection of tax evasion, illicit financial transactions or the legalization of the proceeds of crime and related crimes, including the inspection service. This in connection with the detection and investigation of such crimes committed by members of the armed security corps.

"In connection with this claim, banking secrecy is also violated in the banking law regarding the inspection service," the proposal states.

Criticism of activists

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the amendment strengthens the independence of the Ministry of the Interior's inspection and tightens the conditions for the appointment of the president of the police force and the director of the inspection office. The resort proposes that the law will take effect from 1 January 2019.

Murder of John Kuciak

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Representatives of the initiative We want to believe who has discussed the amendment with Minister Denisa Sakou, criticism of the law. According to them, they do not lead to depoliticisation of the police. They fundamentally disagree with police officers who are being investigated by police officers.

They do not even think that the amendment makes it possible to run for the post of police president to people who do not have an active police service. They find it unjustified to reduce the circle of people who are in a position to become a suitable police chief.

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