SaS socialism failed, the Soviets demonstrated the intolerance of freedom and democracy in August 1968

BRATISLAVA, 20 August ( – Forty years ago, the Warsaw Pact troops destroyed the hope of Czechoslovak citizens that the power of the state could be tackled without terror.

The Soviet Union on 21 August 1968 showed the whole world that there is no sign of freedom and democracy in its vassals, because freedom and democracy are incompatible with the totalitarian state. This is expressed in statements by representatives of the party Sloboda a Solidarita – chairman of SaS Richard Sulík, vice-presidents of Ľubomír Galka and Jana Kiššová and chairman of the parliamentary club Natalia Blahová on the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia.

Citizens were betrayed twice

"Citizens of Czechoslovakia fifty years ago, however, on their own skin felt not only that Soviet Russia is ruthless if its interests are endangered. They have also received tangible evidence of the naivety of the reform communists led by Alexander Dubcek, who initiated the so-called reconstruction process in the Communist Party and in society, and underestimated its effects,"The statement said.

The paradox of the whole SaS is that the reformist Communist efforts were not aimed at full democracy and respect for human rights, but at socialism with a human face, with which the most serious suppression of the communist government was removed to the leading role of the Communist Keeping a party in society. And when the Kremlin lost its patience to explain to the reform communists that the humanization of state power was only the beginning of the dismantling of socialism and the Soviet regime in Czechoslovakia, it also intervened militarily. "Citizens were betrayed twice. Based on the split in the Communist Party, Dubček et al. They have gained their trust and made it easier for them to create insufficient expectations in society to change the regime. They were then immersed in tanks and the subsequent political decline during the standardization period, when power returned to the state of terror and totalitarianism in the state., "The SaS representatives write.

Warning against enemies of freedom

The events of the fifties are unforgettable and will always remain a warning, not only for the open enemies of freedom and democracy, but also for those who do not understand that a free and prosperous society is not possible without freedom of expression, the right to political parties, free elections and the private ownership of production resources. "Socialism has failed, including with the human face. It continues to build a just and economically successful enterprise on the foundations of capitalism, liberal democracy and as a valid member of the European Union and NATO"They closed.

Veronika Remišová; Olano

On the night of August 20 to August 1968, the troops of the Warsaw Pact, with the exception of Romania, invaded the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR). Units of Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and the German Democratic Republic were later withdrawn, but the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) deployed its troops on the territory of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Soviet troops finally withdrew in 1991. The hope of the occupation of the communist party and the society led by the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, Alexander Dubček, was defeated by a so-called standardization policy. In the spring of 1969 Gustáv Husák was elected first secretary-general of the Communist Party of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, and in 1975 he became president.

The occupation has claimed dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded. The Czechoslovak government recorded 72 deaths in September 1968, from August 21 to September 3, and eventually it was 90. The numbers of wounded ranged. The soldiers left the destroyed roads and the destroyed facades of their houses behind. According to the estimates of the then Ministry of Finance, the direct damage amounted to 1.4 billion crowns. Later the damage was estimated at 4.48 billion crowns, but the indirect damage was much higher. In connection with the invitation of the Soviet troops to the country, several representatives of the communist regime came before the court, but no one was punished.

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