Seniors sit in the school lounges, waiting for their Academy of the Third Age

Trenčianski seniors meet again this week in school lounges.

10 September 2018 at 10:51 am TASR

Trencin. Trenčianski seniors meet again this week in school lounges. The unity of the pensioners together with the Council of the Third-Age Academy in Trenčín was prepared for them by the 32nd Academy of the Third Era.

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As informed by Trenčín spokesperson Erika Ságová, seniors meet at seminars once a month, always on Wednesday from 13.30 to 15.30. There are still four seminars in the winter semester. Five seminars are planned for the summer semester.

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"Seminars will cover various health topics (such as Red Eye, Prevention of Diabetes, Prevention of Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases or First Aid), Social Affairs, Social and Cultural Problems and Other Options for Improving the Quality of Senior Living. seniors attending at least six out of ten seminars, a certificate of graduation from the academy ", added Ságová.

The opening ceremony of the new school year is Wednesday at 1.30 pm (12.9.) At the Center for Culture Center in Dlouhé Honoch. Lifelong learning of seniors takes place under the auspices of the president of the autonomous region of Trenčín and the mayor of Trenčín.

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The organizers work together with the Unity of Pensioners in Slovakia, Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj, Trenčín, Fakulná nemocnica Trenčín, Regional Public Health Service headquartered in Trenčín, Central Health School of C. Šimurková in Trenčín, Association of Physicians Trenčín and Center for Cultural Center.

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