Seven people were injured in the accident in Svidnik

Firefighters of Giraltoviec are currently involved in a traffic accident of two cars, which happened in the land registry of the local part of Giraltoviec, Francovciach, in the district Svidník.

There were two front-end clashes in the event, with seven people who suffered injuries to varying degrees.

As the Presidium of the Fire and Rescue Corps informed on its Facebook page, the fire brigade offered the first person assistance to the wounded people and secured the vehicles against fire.

The spokeswoman for the Falck group, Katarina Načiniak, stated that four crews had been involved in the accident. "The accident caused seven injuries, of which three suffered major injuries, four passengers had more easily injured," Načiniaková said.

"The crew of the RLP in Giraltovice had a patient with serious injuries, was unconscious, connected with artificial lung ventilation and transported in a stabilized state to the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Medicine (OAIM) at JA Reiman University Polyclinic Hospital in Prešov (University Hospital) The man with serious injuries was taken over by the crew of the emergency medical service (SZW) in Svidník to the Sidney Hospital.The crew of the RZP ambulance in Stropkov treated three slightly injured persons, all three of whom were sent to the hospital in the hospital. Svidník were brought in. The last crew of the RZP ambulance in Raslavice was in the care of a minor patient who had easier injuries and after the treatment he was transferred to the Bardejov hospital, "Načiniak said.

The third injured patient was taken over by the crew of the Kosice Rescue.

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