Sklenaříková: Date of birth hides something special

Ziari happy! Top model Adriana Sklenaříková (46) yearned for her whole heart – to become a mother.

This dream came true after many trials and disappointments and for a few days he could rush his beloved little girl brought to the world in the nest of world celebrities – Monaco. The long-haired beauty told New Time how she was born and how she felt for a few days to experience the most beautiful moment of her life.

During her admirable career, Sklenaříková, with her beauty and long legs, has ejected the breath of many men and women. All these years she carried an ordinary desire that she had only now reached – to become a mother. The new time on Monday showed that beauty has already brought the world to her exhausted daughter.

Her husband was still standing Open the gallery

The top model chooses to talk about these beautiful moments after birth, which will change the life of every woman from the base. Her words to New Time were handled by manager Miro Šimonič. "Nina was born in Monaco on August 17 at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM Weigh 3,885 g and measure 54 centimeters We are both okay, birth took place in a natural way and we experience the most beautiful period of our lives. exceeds all expectations, " said happy Adriana, who also added ten hearts to the report.

Prominent mother and her daughter from the first day besides the enormous love, is another interesting thing – there is exactly one month between the birthday of the top model and her daughter, as Sklenaříková was born on 17 September. "Adriana is already at home with her daughter at the hospital," said Simon. The beauty that left many tears on the way to the dreamiest dream when she long longed for a baby is so much more fun from the new phase of life.

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