Slovakia laughs again through the tears about the new scandal ZSSK

Was the suspicious silence around the Slovakian trains not a few hours ago? Our national airline, however, meets the daily standards. Today afternoon again he rushed. This happened in the Topoľnica – Šaľa section. It was a regional express that emerged from Bratislava at 17:31. and the last station is in Nové Zámky.

The train started to bend first and braked in a few seconds. Strong smoke was also visible from nearby roads. Dozens of travelers even had to walk to the nearest station on foot. This was at least a third case in the last week. On Saturday, for example, he was arrested in Pezinok, on Sunday in the Zohor station in the Malacky district.

The Slovaks are likely to be able to choose or want their medium to be rare or quickly completed. On the internet people also joke about the fact that tomorrow, the AAA Auto offered as a little bit of a train and with a completely new cooling. In such a situation one also thinks that when free trains are so large they will search for a free lunch. Well, Fou Zoo will not be that.

However, it is to be expected that the ZSSK customers will offer a package that offers a free fire extinguisher at a distance of more than 100 kilometers outside the ticket.

As informed by the Zomri portal, there are currently 5 trains in Galante and the extra transport is put in the spotlight. "There are those who go to Zvolen, they will probably never go," complementary.

But how do the ZSSK itself build on the situation? "Today's track is suffering from the fact that it has not been invested for decades, and we are fully aware that the ZSSK fleet is largely redundant," the online transport department of HN is rewarded. Most of our drivers have driven 40 to 50 years. The average age of the entire fleet and cars is 21 years, "he adds.

Massive Space Music will probably have to do more with creativity. They must also call on a fire department to convince people that it is easy to pay for the car to the train.

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