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Slovakian protectors participated in the ProtectWater campaign

Up to 60% of European waters are not in good condition.

October 12, 2018 at 12:51 pm SITA

BRATISLAVA. Slovakia also participated in a pan-European campaign called #ProtectWater to maintain the EU Water Framework Directive in its current form.

The directive is currently undergoing a planned revision, but 100 European non-governmental organizations have called on the European Commission to enforce this European law that protects rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands and groundwater.

Ignoring the directive poses enormous problems

Because the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) informs the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the current Water Framework Directive is a very good instrument for water protection in Europe and it is up to the member states to use it effectively.

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"The inadequate implementation of the European water directive is causing enormous problems: in the # ProtectWater campaign, we encourage people to use their rights and ask politicians for responsible access to our water resources." A weakening of the legislation would reduce Europe's water resources. seriously jeopardize, "said Miroslav Plassmann, director of WWF Slovakia.

The campaign uses a scenario of an unclear future of beer produced with the best quality of water and calls on people in Europe to participate in a public consultation on the Water Directive. People can do this until the beginning of March 2019.

Prevent improper interference

With the adoption of the Water Framework Directive, the EU Member States have agreed not to allow activities to deteriorate their water status. On the contrary, they have committed themselves to take measures by 2027 to improve the state of the waters.

"The measures taken must also prevent inappropriate interventions such as those carried out on the river Bela in the High Tatras, and in his opinion it also condemned the European Wilderness Society and we continued the process of excluding the Bela River from the list of European game rivers, "said Plassmann.

Most waters in Europe are not suitable

Up to 60% of European waters are not in good condition because Member States permit activities that are harmful to the environment, such as streamlining and streamlining, the construction of dams and inappropriate measures in agriculture.

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There are not even half of the watercourses in Slovakia. The Water Framework Directive is one of the most progressive environmental laws of the EU, but EU Member States do not implement it. They have not taken the necessary measures to improve the state of European waters.

The Water Framework Directive is currently assessed by default when its effectiveness is checked. It includes stakeholder consultations and a public consultation that lasts until March 2019.

"We call on the European Commission and the EU member states not to change the water framework directive and instead to implement it better and to promote water protection objectives in other sectoral policies," Plassmann concluded.

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