Small hydropower plants produce more than a third of the energy compared to Novak

Small hydroelectric power stations (MVE) in Slovakia produced 453 GWh of electricity last year. In contrast to the Novákov coal-fired power station, which delivers 115 million euros per year to customers, the MVE produces almost no emissions.

The financial support for the Nováky power plant, which produces electricity as a result of the combustion of Slovak lignite, amounted to a maximum of EUR 115 million. At the beginning of yesterday's press release, the Union warns of electricity producers in small hydropower plants.

NGO operators argue for the defense of hydropower, in particular through ecology. They point out that more than 100 million euros of electricity consumers send to a company that pollutes the air.

The new coal-fired power plant discharges 1 789 587 tons of CO annually2-eq, becomes the second largest greenhouse gas polluter in Slovakia. Greenhouse gases, in particular CO emissions2 cause undesirable climate change.

"An alternative to the non-organic combustion of lignite in the Nováky power plant is the production of green energy: compared to the Nováky power plant, small hydro power stations produced more than a third of their electricity in 2017, while at the same time only about 1% CO produced2-eq compared to a coal-fired power plant, " Peter Hegedus of the MVE Association summarized.

If solar power plants were included in the conversion, together with small hydropower plants, they would produce more than 1000 GWh of green electricity in 2017.

"They saved 1.5 million tons of CO2-eq – the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be discharged into the atmosphere from the Nováky coal-fired power station, " Hegedus added.

We lag behind the development of RES

Slovakia's share of renewable energy sources (RES) in total energy consumption, according to official statistics, is still lagging behind. Finally, even the share of renewable energy has slightly decreased – while in 2015 the share of green energy to final consumption was 12.9%, in 2016 this was only equal to 12%.

The binding target for Slovakia is 14% by 2020 and the share of RES in the EU was just 17% only two years ago.

In addition, Slovakia has set a national target for electricity – by 2020, up to 24% of electricity consumption should be covered by renewable sources.

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