Soldiers will be relocated through Slovakia in connection with the International Airways Day SIAF 2018

BRATISLAVA, Aug. 26 ( – The Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic draws attention to the Slovak population for the transfer of the military equipment of foreign forces planned for the period from 27 August to 2 September 2018.

A total of 29 crossings of foreign troops should take place, mainly with regard to the transfer of Czech and Hungarian soldiers in connection with SIAF 2018 International Airways and the transfer of Croatian soldiers.

In the following week, the Ministry of Defense will therefore also pay attention to the violation of the Slovak armed forces on the routes Martin, Levice, Sliac, Seredi, Trencin, Dubnica nad Vahom, Sliac and Martin-Sliac. Spokeswoman Danka Capáková of the Ministry of Defense told the SITA agency.

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