Soon the rays of the sun were repentant!

Fortunately for the driver or the co-driver nothing happened. (Illustration photo)

Early morning sun races were the reason why their car hit the next train. But it was different from the police.

The accident occurred on a railway line in the village of Kľače (Žilina district) when a heavy train with an off-road car fell apart in the morning. According to the police, the driver of the accident is the driver of a car that did not respect a warning sign on a railway junction.

There were two men in the field car. The 41-year-old Roman was behind the wheel. His co-driver is convinced that he got a fortune in the morning because of the accident, informs the portal "If we were gone before we went bankrupt, it would be even worse," said the co-owner. In the crash the car hit a bumper, which was pulled by 17 wagons. The man sitting next to the driver still said that the rays of the morning sun were wrong.


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