Special attention requires bridges in a bad, very bad and emergency state, says bridge designer

BRATISLAVA, 19 August (WebNoviny.sk) – Special attention is needed for road bridges, whose construction and technical condition are bad, very bad and emergency

Bridges designer and director of CEMOS, p. r. o., Bratislava František Brliť claims that the bridges can be used in fault and in the very poor state with the fact that their cargo is limited, but that the bridges in the emergency situation would not be used

"The state of the mistakes of such bridges are at the border accident Unfortunately, we have bridges in Slovakia, whose construction and technical condition are emergency and still work.I see a big problem there, " said for SITA Brliť, a member of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers.

Bridge designers are responsible for reliability

According to the expert, the general condition of the bridges should be the main reason for them, and not just a tragic event in the Italian city of Janova, where the motorway collapsed " We must avoid such situations, not wait for them and then think if we need to improve something, such an event would affect the whole congregation, none of whom would be cold, "

He emphasized the need to put great emphasis on the life process of the bridges. It starts with the idea of ​​building a bridge and continuing with its design, building preparation, construction itself and the longest part, ie the management and maintenance of the bridges.

"The status, social appreciation and, last but not least, the financial appreciation of the designers is very low, more attention is paid to them in those situations that have occurred in Janov Bridges designers, whether it is a small or large bridge, are responsible for their reliability throughout their lives, " Brli pointed out. According to him, it goes even beyond human life and this should change.

The control of bridges depends on the amount available

The technical condition of the bridges in Slovakia is different. Bridges on motorways, highways, first-class roads and railways are relatively well organized by the expert. ” am-card-image=”top” data-lazy-srcset=”https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-81×54.jpg 81w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-676×450.jpg 676w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-768×512.jpg 768w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-992×661.jpg 992w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-160×107.jpg 160w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-312×208.jpg 312w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-672×448.jpg 672w, https://cdn.webnoviny.sk/sites/32/2017/11/blatne_d1-120×80.jpg 120w” sizes=”(max-width: 81px) 100vw, 81px” data-dominant-color=”#9a7b56″/>

"It is subordinate to the amount of funds allocated to such activities, the amount of these funds is greatly underestimated and is not sufficient to have only bridges whose operation is without problems and The situation with the bridges of other managers (autonomous regions, cities, but also economic entities and private individuals) is more complex, "Brliť

says. There are cities that provide more bridges, nor know they how to take care of the bridges. "There is largely no awareness of the fact that bridges are the property that needs to be cared for, and it is necessary to ensure their smooth operation"

Prevention of critical situations when working with bridges [19659005] Design of bridges in the Slovak Republic is covered by Technical Conditions, TP 076 Monitoring of road bridges. This is proposed for bridges with a span of at least one field of at least 75 meters, for bridges with a height of at least one column of at least 25 meters, for bridges with unusual structural systems (curved, suspended and suspended bridges) and bridges with free preloading

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"Monitoring is presented precisely to prevent possible critical situations in the operation of bridges, regardless of the fact that the technical conditions were approved in 2013, that is to say, since then the obligation to propose bridging monitoring, we have also built bridges in Slovakia with surveillance facilities, " Brliť added

In emergencies more than 20 bridges

Of the total number of 8 066 road bridges in Slovakia there is a bad and very bad state of 977, which is 12%. As can be seen in the database of road data of the Slovak Road Administration (SSC), their last year number increased by 88 compared to 2016, but the share fell by one percentage point, since two years ago it was less than 64 bridges

In an emergency, what is the worst of seven degrees, according to data from 23 bridges, that is 0.3% of all bridges on roads, while their number was reduced by seven

  BID Bratislava

Bezchybný stav has 522 traffic bridges (6.5%), very good 665 (8.2%), good 2 756 (34.2%), sufficient 2 763 (34.25%) and undetermined 360 bridges%). The number of bridges in error-free status compared to 2016 increased by fourteen, dropped very well by fifteen, decreased by a good amount by 105, in a satisfactory increase by 51 and in unspecified state increased by 38.

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