Stano († 56) jumps out of the hospital window, this is before the tragedy

The police officer of the district police in Bratislava V was sent shortly after 6 am to examine the announcement of the body of the man who was near the hospital on the Antolská street in Bratislava.

According to our information, Stanislav, a 56-year-old, was drunk and decided to end his life by jumping out of the 6th floor of the hospital. The man should not be aggressive.

"The patrol has verified and validated the plausibility of this announcement, and it turned out to be a 56-year-old man who suffered a fall from one of the injuries, despite the efforts of the emergency medical service he had requested. of an investigation, " informs Bratislava County Police spokesman Michal Szeiff.

The Topky event was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the University Hospital Eva Kliská.

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