STU: The interest in the study of technology and computer science is growing

  • In absolute figures, STU recorded an increase in the number of applications year-on-year.
  • Young people see the importance of studying informatics and technology for their future.
  • It helped to strengthen mathematics in primary and secondary schools.
  • IT study program & # 39; s earn more support.

Enrollment in the first round of the admission procedure finished 31.5., this deadline was introduced in the STU 5190 applicants, an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year (4717 applications). (Statistics registered at universities on 31.5.2018 at CVTI).

The opportunity to apply for an STU in the second round ended last week, the university notes today Request 6 043, which means a year-on-year increase of almost six percent. (5 719 earlier academic year, 31 October 2017).

"Young people are responsible for choosing a university, they look at what positions the employers are interested in. Students experience that technology and information technology ensure the safety of a good job with a high salary." Our experience shows that when choosing a school also takes into account the equipment of the school and the laboratories, the cooperation with the practice and the applicability of the graduates Students are no longer afraid of the techniques of different primary and secondary schools that have strengthened the doctrine of mathematics,"says STU Rector Robert Redhammer.

This also confirms the results of the maturita and SCIO tests, which are required for the admission of the STU faculty. The results of this year and mathematics mathematics suggest better candidates for higher education. Applicants have also received more diplomas or prizes from the Olympic Games, the Swiss or other professional leagues.

The candidates were most interested in this study of computer science. For this reason, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science did not open the Applied Informatics study (it was possible to request the remaining Bachelor's degree programs) and the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology STU did not open the second round at all. Year after year there was interest in studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology.

An increase in the number of registrations may also have an impact on STU this year Significantly simplified submission for study. As the only Slovak university accepted only an electronic application. Tenderers do not have to send the application or attachments by post. They also paid a fee for the material safety of the authorization procedure.

Rectors and faculty departments with a focus on information technology, as well as companies, have long emphasized the need to support IT study programs. "Increasing the capacities of computer knowledge should be our common interest. Digitization, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, internet … Slovakia needs many more such professionals. In the long term, together with partners, we notice that it is necessary to link funding from higher education to the requirements of graduate practice and graduate practice. We can not allow young people from Slovakia to leave us. And now I'm not just talking about students, but also about young teachers at IT faculties where the industry can offer better salaries"says STU Rector Robert Redhammer.


Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave: For 80 years it offers full university studies and a perspective of interesting work after it is over. Successes arise from the link between education and research and engineering. At seven faculties and one institute he studied in other academies. of 13,138 students. At QS World University Rankings 2019 it was placed at 751.-800. Place. In The University Ranking 2018 in the first thousand global research-intensive universities. In 2017, the university's teams treated 334 projects for practice and almost 500 grant research projects.

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