Summer traps: there are often cases of drunken children during holidays

Summer months also bring health problems. They warn that in the summer the number of drunken children and teenagers rises.

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During the summer months, doctors see a higher number of children and
from alcohol adolescents. For the TASR the spokeswoman said
National Institute for Pediatric Diseases (NÚDCH) Dana Kamenická.

"We look at the increase before the end of the school year
children learn less and spend more time outside school and at home. During events,
such as testimonies, extended weekends, public holidays or various festivals
we also treat two to three drunken children for one day, "

Kamenická approached.

According to NUDD there are about ten children in one month. ratio
boys and girls are in balance. According to experts, they are from the point of view
alcohol intoxication as well as the first week of September, when
classmates meet for a long time and celebrate it in a group of peers.
"Most of the alcohol-drunk children are being treated outpatients.
In cases where it is not only about alcohol intake, but also about associations
more serious injuries or drug or drug poisoning are these patients
in the hospital. "
added Kamenická.

Drinking alcohol usually takes place outside the supervision of the parents. the
usually does not know how much the baby or young has drunk and how it will be
Due to the onset of the effect of alcohol, his state of health develops further. experts
they point out that a child who seems to be under the influence of alcohol should have
visit a doctor because "some diseases can manifest themselves
we see the same symptoms with intoxication
alcohol. "

If you already have alcohol or drug poisoning, it is important to do it
saviors to find out if the child is unconscious or breathes.

If he does not breathe, he has to bow his head and breathe the breath
way. "In principle, it is always necessary in case of a disruption of consciousness
to call a rescue service. It is also necessary to check whether or not it has been done
too little cooling, inhalation of vomiting or injury. Child under the influence
alcohol must be covered, put in a stabilized position, stay there, give it
watch out for him and do not give him liquids or food, "

Kamenická said.

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Source: TASR

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