Support for the collection of quantities or the end of black landfills. Envirothrogy 2030 is in the world

The long-awaited strategic material must be the starting point for environmental policy in 2030. The strategy can be recalled from Monday to Monday 18 September.

The document, which has the ambition to make fundamental changes in the operation of protected areas, waste management or environmentally harmful subsidies, is slightly closer to the approval. After a strategic environmental assessment, he goes to an interdepartmental comment.

The strategy must cover all areas of environmental policy within the framework. In the case of nature conservation, for example, the document proposes that by 2025 up to half of the national parks would constitute an area without human intervention and by 2030 this area would have grown to 75% of its total area.

Envirorezort further suggests in its strategy to remove environmentally harmful subsidies – such as support for mining and incineration. In the area of ​​waste, it aims to strengthen the prevention of the creation of black landfills or to encourage the introduction of quantum collection to motivate people to minimize and sort waste generation.

At the end of last year, the ministry already informed us of some strategic proposals and we also spent them on Odpady- You can download the final version of the document, including the accompanying materials, via the link at the end of the article.

The document is long for 4 years

"Problems related to the effects of climate change, air quality, drought, waste, protected areas and biodiversity require system solutions and better cooperation between the resorts, and the green ministry wants and must be a driving force in this process," Minister of the Environment László Sólymos told the margo.

According to him, in 2030 ecosystems represent a clear and understandable vision of environmental protection, which until now was lacking in Slovakia.

However, the preparation of key material has taken years. The government has already entrusted the Environment Minister with the Envirothrague 2030 in 2014 and the material should have been originally completed on 31 December 2014. This term was later moved. The responsibility for drafting the strategy was later taken over by the Institute for Environmental Policy, which the Ministry set up two years ago.

800 topics from the audience

In addition to government staff, the creation of a "flagship environmental protection" was attended by academics, scientific institutions, industry and the non-profit sector by 2030, working in seven expert working groups. A total of 160 people were involved in the preparation of the document.

"Although we do not fully agree with all measures, a long-term vision of the environment is an important stabilizing factor for the business environment," said Miroslav Kiraľvarga, chairman of the Employers' Association of the Republic.

"At the same time, we advocate full use of all relevant support mechanisms that will help achieve the set objectives without jeopardizing the competitiveness of the Slovak industry" he added.

In addition to the opinion of employers, strategy makers have also given public space. Through the online questionnaire, the Ministry registered nearly 800 subjects from the public. But how many of them have reached the definitive design of the Envirothratyge, but the ministry has not specified.

Businessmen warn of new taxes

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