The amendment on the Police Chancellery still has to be approved, says Sakova

BRATISLAVA, 22 August ( – With regard to the amendment of the Police Churches Act, which amends the rules for the election of a police president, it is necessary to agree on the duration of his term of office. This was said on Wednesday after the Minister of the Interior Denisa Sakova.

The government would discuss the amendment Wednesday, but the proposal was finally withdrawn. According to Sak, the length of the president's term of office is the only serious conflict to be addressed in this matter. The district originally proposed a seven-year term for the newly elected police chief.

Concerning other objections of the professional public, for example according to the Ministry of Saxony, the initially proposed age limit of 40 years for candidates for the position of police chairman dropped.

"We have also dropped the requirement that the new elected police president must be 15 years old in the police, but we have reduced it to 10 years," adding that the Ministry tried to reach compromises on all issues where the compromise could be found.

A new law on the political chambers, namely changing the election method of the president of the police or the head of the police inspection, was not discussed by the government on Wednesday. Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini introduced Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini when he arrived at the cabinet meeting, there are still many debates around the reported changes and critical voices are being heard by experts, so they are still under negotiation.

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