The Aquinovers accused of their white horse, and now wants to work with his family in Slovakia

BRATISLAVA, August 18 ( – A taxpayer who, according to the Belgian courts, acted as a white horse of the Mafia clan of Aquinovts and bought a luxury hotel in the Tatras, wants to continue working in Slovakia. More accurately, children and spouses have transferred business activities to Kosice over the years.

TV JOJ has confirmed that they want to move in the future. Aquinans activities in Slovakia have meanwhile begun to investigate the Public Prosecution Service. This is a case in which the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak worked.

According to the abandoned building near the center of Košíc does not indicate that real things went through. The company names of children and wife Vezia Di Passia from the Aquinovers case are printed on bumpy labels and nobody has ever met them. "This is a mailbox, I just pick up the mail", the building manager said.

Di Passia family refuses to contact the mafia

The same woman appears in all four Finstat companies. The companies are engaged in research, agricultural machinery and real estate. The woman has the same Belgian address in the Slovak trade register, where Aringo also lives, the owner of the Contact Hotel

"We moved to Slovakia at the beginning of the year with the prospect that we would settle there. chose Košice because we have direct flights from Germany. "We found our premises in Thurzova street until we find something better" the wife of Vezia Di Passia, Liliane Van Der Perre, mentioned in the statement.

According to the Belgian courts are the real owners of the Aquinovci Hotel de Tatra hotels, after nearly two years the Czech investigative journalist Pavla Holcová and the now poor journalist Ján Kuciak went on schedule, together with the Vadalov family, who settled in Zemplín. They were looking for a connection with the Calabrian mafia.

The Di Passia family denied any contact with Mafia clans "In 2012, after 38 years of hard work, sold my husband's accountancy firm and the money was invested in the purchase of the Hotel Contact, " is mentioned in the opinion. "Vezio Di Passio was the accountant and financial advisor of the Aquinov family," said investigative journalist Pavla Holcová.

The Di Passia accountant was released from the charge

The fact that Di Passio and the Aquinas met, part of the verdict available for TV JOJ. The court says that when the hotel was bought, it was not possible to prove money laundering, but recalled that the Aquinan clan leader Silvio Aquina and his Slovak wife were deeply involved

The Di Passia accountant was freed from the accusation that the hotel had bought it in the Tatra for illegally obtained money, but condemned him to help the criminal group. That is why this hotel can come: "The dispute is not fully accepted, but now it's all about whether Di Passio, the accountant of the Aquinov family, is the real owner of the Contact Hotel, or whether he is simply the owner from the Aquinovers, "said Holcová

" I confirm that the Kingdom of Belgium is interested in the property of the hotel Aringo's contact has disappeared and we will fight with all available means to reverse it " The opinion of Liliane Van der Perre

The property of the hotel Contact is not blocked

The threat of loss of property may be one of the reasons why the family of a Belgian accountant Di Passia has set up other companies in Slovakia: "It may be that companies and holdings are transferred to family members, so that an indictment directly applicable to Vezia Di Passia does not affect their property, but they can also and legitimate reason, " said Holcová

The fact is that the property of Hotel Contact by Cadastre is not blocked. In 2013, the Slovak prosecutor also worked on the case, but the researchers did not blame anyone. Now it can change. "The information is currently being evaluated, we are awaiting a NAKA message.After receipt of the report, the public prosecutor examines the report and decides on the following legal procedure:" said the prosecutor Andrea Predajňová.

Perhaps they are interested not only in the transfer of assets, but also in the fact that the Tatra Hotel legalized cocaine money

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